The Snatch: Weightliftings Mystery Lift (English Edition)

Training for the Olympic sport of weightlifting has become popular in recent years. This is true not only for competitive weightlifters, but also for participants in CrossFit and for athletes that are strength training for improved performance in other sports. Between the two lifts—the clean-and-jerk and the snatch—the most challenging to master is the snatch, a lift performed so quickly a novice might be unclear how the barbell went from the floor to overhead in one fluid motion. Harvey Newton, former USA Olympic team coach, explains the history of the snatch in its various forms, the equipment utilized for optimal performance, the most efficient method for quickly and safely learning to snatch, and models of training programs.The Snatch not only provides a brief history of the lift and why it's an important part of training, but the variations on the lift, the equipment needs for learning and training, step-by-step safety instructions, and a model program for training the snatch. Finally, it includes links to video depictions of the lift featured on SportsEdTV, and the learning stages explained in the text.Intended for the competitive weightlifter and the athlete looking to enhance his or her strength training regimen, The Snatch is the ultimate guidebook to this effective—and impressive—move.

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Book Title: The Snatch: Weightliftings Mystery Lift (English Edition)

Book Author: Harvey Newton

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