Mayflower: A History From Beginning to End (English Edition)

The story of the Mayflower is one of adventure, courage, and destiny. The Mayflower was the ship that launched a nation. She left from England in September of 1620, carrying 102 English Separatists to a new life, one that came with the freedom to practice their religious beliefs as they saw fit. These Pilgrims had the courage of their convictions. They had already potentially faced execution for practicing their beliefs and now they were willing to uproot their lives, their families, and their homes, to sign contracts of indentured servitude for them and their children - all to find what they called freedom in a foreign land. Inside you will read about...✓ How Religious Upheaval Shaped American Colonization✓ The Ship that Launched a Nation’s Future✓ The Contract and the Crossing✓ Arrival in America✓ Early Life in the Colonies✓ Pilgrims and Puritans✓ The Ideology that Shaped a NationTheir journey was one of courage and destiny as they forged ahead, crossing an ocean to settle in a harsh environment. They faced storms and dangerous adversaries to get to the New World. There, they built a life based on the values they held sacred, and those values would form the foundation of a new nation almost a century later. This eBook tells the story of their adventure in a concise yet thorough manner that is packed with historical detail and enjoyable to read.

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Book Title: Mayflower: A History From Beginning to End (English Edition)

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