Summer at Buttercup Beach: A gorgeously uplifting and heartwarming romance

Pull up a deck chair and bask in the beautiful sunshine on Buttercup Beach. The sand is warm, the sea is sparkling blue and romance is sizzling in the air… For two years Freya Greene has hidden the fact that she’s totally and utterly in love with her best friend Rome Lancaster. It’s not been easy – they work together in his glasswork business, she lives above his workshop and, he’s completely gorgeous. But Rome has never shown any sign of returning those feelings. Until now… Lately they’ve shared affectionate touches and words heavy with meaning. Yet Freya knows Rome has a damaged heart. After losing his fiancé in a tragic accident, he’s not allowed himself to fall in love. Freya has already had her heart broken by a man who couldn’t let go of a past love. Can she risk it happening again? Rome and Freya have a friendship that could blossom into something more. Are they both brave enough to take that chance? Fall in love on Hope Island with the perfect romantic story to escape into this summer. For fans of Miranda Dickinson, Sarah Morgan and Jane Costello. Read what everyone is saying about Holly Martin: ‘I am in love. I am in love. I am in love. Holly, you are a writing goddess …' Book in Wonderland ‘Everything you could want from a Holly Martin book … like coming home to a good friend, warm and comforting … you know you are going to enjoy it, and it doesn't let you down.’ Rachel’s Random Reads ‘I really wish I could give this book more than 5 stars because I really loved it. It has definitely become one of my favourite books ever! As soon as I began reading Summer at Buttercup Beach I found it so easy to read and I was hooked, I just couldn’t put it down.’ Goodreads Reviewer ‘I have read most of this author's work and loved every one, this was no different. She has produced yet another brilliant story which transports us away to Hope Island once more, and into the lives of those who live and work there. I honestly couldn't put it down.’ Fiona’s Book Reviews ‘Wow! Absolutely fell in love with Rome and Freya! Every time I pick up a Holly Martin book I devour it within hours and Summer at Buttercup Beach was no exception. Holly Martin's writing is more than a 5 star rating…’ Goodreads Reviewer ‘An absolutely FAB story! Holly Martin does it again! I LOVE Holly's books and this one is brilliant! A beautifully written, feel good, fun, charming tale that grabs you from the first page. Adored it and highly recommend to everyone.’ Renita D'Silva ‘Every page of this book was delicious and impossible to put down … a beautifully written tale, that was funny and well thought out … Swoonsome, flirty and downright gorgeous.’ Escapades of a Bookworm ‘With a romantic story, gorgeous settings and plenty of humour…Holly Martin never fails to capture the reader, I was utterly sucked in to the book right from the opening page.’ Lozza’s Book Corner ‘A lovely relaxing book full of wit and romance, this a book which will leave you feeling uplifted and with a smile on your face.’ Shelley Back Books ‘Such a lovely, heartwarming book. It made me smile lots!’ StefLoz Book Reviews ‘A wonderful, summery, cosy read. With a beautiful romance, but also strong and believable friendships.’ Book in Wonderland 'This is a thoroughly lovely read, heartwarming and funny in so many places. It's the sort of book I reach for on a bad day as I know that by the end of it I will be smiling and feeling all is well in the world again.' The Quiet Knitter ‘This is a hug in a book and I found it simply delightful.’ Goodreads Reviewer

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Book Title: Summer at Buttercup Beach: A gorgeously uplifting and heartwarming romance

Book Author: Holly Martin

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ISBN: 1786812010